About Us

Riip Beer Co.

Made with Love

Riip Beer Company, emerging in 2014 from Sunset Beach, California, was the vision of two brothers-in-laws with a profound love for craft beer. Their journey began modestly with a 20-gallon home brewing setup but quickly escalated to iconic status within the craft beer realm. Faced with early financial challenges, they ingeniously utilized a 1931 Helms Bakery coach to distribute their unique brews, rapidly building a formidable reputation. Their success was magnified by an array of accolades from the Great American Beer Festival & various other prestigious competitions, catalyzing significant growth and collaborations. Riip is more than just a brand; it encapsulates a lifestyle of excitement and passion, resonating through expressions like "stoke" and "rad." This ethos, deeply ingrained in every aspect of Riip, from their beers to their community, transcends mere branding, offering an immersive, life-affirming experience.